Best Independently Published Books: December’s Listing by LibraryBub

LibraryBub CEO, Alinka Rutkowska, is always excited to witness the wide selection of titles that come in every month. She says, “I see myself as an eager collaborator in what those books can become. The authors have done the creating, the artists have done the illustrating and now it’s my turn to do the introducing. I certainly regard it as an honor to be involved in the chain that links the creative mind of the author with the enquiring mind of the reader. And the next link in the chain after me is the network of librarians looking out for gems of books to add to their shelves.”

Below is December’s selection by category:


Literature & Fiction

Red Lands Outlaw: the Ballad of Henry Starr by Phil Truman (ISBN: 978-1521414866)

Arms of Grace by Eleanor Chance (ISBN: 978-0998127408)

Stranded: a white-knuckle adventure above and below the sea by Beverley Scherberger (ISBN: 978-1535034142)

Luna Rising by Selene Castrovilla (ISBN: 978-0991626199)

Science Fiction & Fantasy:

The Elsewhen Gene by Gary Bullock (ISBN: 978-1681024233)

The Color Game by Margherita Crystal Lotus (ISBN: 978-1946697448)

Mystery & Thriller

When the Clocks Stopped (Book One of the Mysterious Marsh series) by M. L. Eaton (ISBN: 978-1495931192)

In the Shadow of Lies (Book One of the Oliver Wright Mystery series) by M. A. Adler (ISBN: 978-1938314827)

The Solicitor (Book Two of the Noah Parks Mystery series) by Sean Keefer (ISBN: 978-0998983509)


Clarissa and the Poor Relations by Alicia Cameron (ISBN: 978-1523226238)

The Billionaire’s Obsession: The Complete Collection: Mine For Tonight, Mine For Now, Mine Forever, Mine Completelyby J. S. Scott (ISBN: 978-1939962317)

Abbey’s Search for Sanctuary by Eris Field (ISBN: 978-1682913338)

The Band 4: The Air We Breathe by Marguerite Nardone Gruen (ISBN: 978-1460283547)

Young Adult

The Elixir of Freedom (Book One of the Light Finder Legends series) by M. R. Neer (ISBN: 978-0974956268)


Christmas Cats (Book Two of the Inca Cat series) by R. F. Kristi (ISBN: 978-1539888482)


Health & Fitness

How I Beat Macular Degeneration in the Early Stages and How You Can, Too!: your guide to improving your vision, higher energy levels, and longer life by Alan N. McClain (ISBN: 978-1515250500)

Seasoned with Gratitude: 250 recipes and blessings celebrating the greater nourishment of food by Kathryn Lafond(ISBN: 978-0997217506)

Self Help

A Time To Grow Up: a daughter’s grief memoir by Larada Horner-Miller (ISBN:  978-0996614429)

Biographies & Memoirs

Advising Chiang’s Army: an American soldier’s World War II experience in China by Steven L. Wilson (ISBN: 978-1635051087)


Sunflower Circle by Scott Wright (ISBN: 978-0999447406)

New York Times bestselling author, S. McPherson, says: “I am so thrilled that I decided to put my book in the hands of LibraryBub. It has led to incredible exposure.”

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